Friday, April 2, 2010

Recent Purchases

Since I've been unemployed, I don't have a whole lot of money to spend on makeup anymore, but I've got some good deals looking for stuff on sale. Here are some recent purchases :)
NYX The Runway Collection Jazz Night Palette
OPI Meet me on the Star Ferry
Essie Perky Purple
I got the NYX pallette on sale at Longs. It was 25% off so it came out to about $7 total. I got the two nail polishes for about $7 each including shipping from a survey online.
I've been wanting the OPI polish since the Hong Kong collection came out and I love the color! I'll probably post swatches in a NOTD post later this week. The Essie polish I'm not a big fan of. The color is really pretty but it comes off really matte on my nails and I don't think it looks good on me. I think I'll probably put this one up for swap.
The NYX palette is amazing! The colors are pigmented and smooth, easily blendable. I'll probably do a more through review later, but so far I'm loving this palette. This is my first palette from NYX, and I was tempted to buy it after watching fafinettex3's tutorial on youtube. Even better because it was 25% off :)
I also stopped at Sephora for the free skincare consultation and I got a bunch of samples. The SA was really nice and gave generous samples from Boscia. I got cleanser, moisturizer, blemish treatment, clarifying mask and an eye cream. I really love the cleanser so far, but I'm not loving the blemish treatment or the moisturizer. I think I might go back to the Ala Moana store...I never got my free BI gift.

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  1. i got me the jazz night palette too at longs because it was on sale. only to come home and find out that i forgot i already had it :( lol. and i don't think the lady gave me a receipt which is more irking lol.