Saturday, June 18, 2011

K-Drama Review: 인생은 아름다워 / Life is Beautiful

For the past month or so, I've been completely addicted to this Korean drama called Life is Beautiful. I remember reading about this show on Soompi forums and got hooked after watching the first episode on By addicted, I mean I watched the first 20 episodes in 4 days (that's 5 hours a day!) This is not your typical Korean drama with a lot of lying and backstabbing, and is probably one of the most realistic ones I've seen in a while.
The story revolved around a (fairly large) family who runs a pension in Jeju. I have to admit, there are a lot of characters in this show so the first episode is quite confusing, but it does get better as you get to know each character's story line. The main reason this drama caught my attention in my first place was because one of the main story lines in this series revolved around the family's oldest son who is gay. Throughout the show, you see how he struggles dealing with his sexuality and coming out to his family, and dealing with the relationship he is involved in, as well as his partners family. It was really interesting to see how homosexuality is viewed in Korean culture, and I think it is good to see that this drama gained such popularity. This story line was by far my favorite throughout the series because I think I can relate really well to the two characters.
Overall this drama was really well written and acted. It's funny, depressing, romantic and upbeat at the same time. I also like how each episode ends with one character tripping or falling, though I'm not sure what the significance (if any) was. It has a total of 63 episodes and I found a majority of the episodes online at, although toward the middle of the show I had to download raws with subs because a lot of the links were broken. Anyway, highly recommended! Definitely give this one a chance if you haven't seen it!

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