Sunday, June 19, 2011

NOTD: Essie- Damsel in a Dress

This was the first Essie nail polish I bought. They recently started carrying it st Target, but I actually got this 20% off at Longs which also has Essie now.
At first glance in the bottle it doesn't really look like anything special (picture doesn't really so it justice =/), but this is a really unique color. Side-by-side in the bottle it looks a lot like OPI's Meet Me on the Star Ferry, but that one is much more shimmery. Damsel in a Dress has subtle shimmer, and is more purple-toned. In some lights it look really purple-ish but in others it looks more burgundy. Very unique and I loved the nice and glossy finish (with no top coat). I couldn't stop looking at my nails! The application could've been better. I found the formula to be quite thick and a little hard to apply especially with the thin brush. Other than that, this is a really pretty color!

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