Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our New Addition!

Ok, so not exactly new but about a month ago we adopted a kitten.  His name is Kainoa and he was adopted from the Animal Care Foundation in Hawaii Kai.  They are a non profit no-kill animal shelter and adoptions there are free (after an extensive application process). 
I started volunteering here about 6 months ago and knew Kainoa since he was a 2-week old kitten.  I've always wanted a creme colored cat and I instantly fell in love with him!  After no one adopted him (6 months later), and we convinced our landlord to let us get a cat, we brought him home on November 9th.  He has adjusted really well so far and it's an amazing feeling knowing we are able to give him a forever home. 
First day home!
We finally bought and decorated our xmas tree!  We settled with a fake one this year, which we got for $25 at Target.  Hope everyone is doing well this holiday season!  I'd love to see everyone's holiday decorations!

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