Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Facefront Cosmetics Mini Haul

So this is my second time placing an order with Facefront Cosmetics ( I saw they were having a 30% off sale so I bought a couple of eye shadows. I purchased from Facefront before with no problems, but I must say their customer service sucks! I just have to rant because it took almost a month for me to get my order.
I placed my order Feb.7th and just got it today, March 3rd. After about a week went by without any shipping confirmation email, I used the contact form on their website to try to figure out what was going on. I must've filled out that form and sent them emails a least 10 times with no response. Finally about 10 days ago I get a response saying they were really sorry no one had gotten back to me. They said my order was shipped and they would re-send the shipping confirmation (which I still never received!). My March 1st I still had not received a shipping confirmation or a package. I finally got the package today and according to the postmark, it was shipped on the 28th, not on the 23rd like their email said.
I'm really disappointed to see this lack of customer service because I really like Facefront's products. But after this experience I don't think I'll be buying anything from them again. I was looking forward to their Atlantic Avenue collection which was supposed to be out on the 12th, but the website still hasn't been updated. Oh well, they apparently have new owners so maybe it's taking a long time to get things up and running again. Has anyone else been experiencing this with Facefront?

Anyway...on to the mini haul! I only bought 2 eye shadows; I got their Fresh Ink Eye Shadow in Glazed Pear and Paint Me Perfect Lose Pigment in Aqua Marina. I used glazed pear today and I really love the color. It's a beautiful golden nude color and the texture is amazing. I've yet to try out Aqua Marina, but I swatched it and it's so pigmented.

Swatches (no base, natural light)
Glazed Pear/Aqua Marina (natural light)

Taken under sunlight:
Overall Thoughts
I really like Facefront's eye shadows. They're really pigmented and very smooth and bendable. But I probably wouldn't buy from them again because of their bad customer service.


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  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your horrible experience with FaceFront. I was told by the owner of the company, Drew, that my experience was unique and it would never happen again. However, it's been over a year and I get people contacting me EVERY WEEK to complain about their terrible customer service.