Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kanebo Kate Dual Blend Eyes BK1 Review

 When I studied abroad in Japan 2 years ago, I discovered the wonder of Japanese cosmetics.  One of my favorite drugstore brands is Kanebo KATE.  They make an amazing eyeliner and I had tried several of their eye shadows before.  Last summer when I was in Japan for my internship, they had released a new collection with these Dual Blend palettes.  I bought this in BK1 which has 2 very neutral colors.
I really love these two shades!  They're so smooth and pigmented.  Both are shimmery, which might not be for everyone, but despite the shimmer there is no fallout and they apply very nicely.   Almost all Japanese eye shadows are shimmery anyway, but they always seem to apply clean with no fallout.  I really love the lighter shimmery shade in this palette.  It's a shimmery off-white pearly color.  Good everyday color for all over the lid, or an inner corner highlight.  The darker shade which is a dark brown is good in the outer corner or in the crease.  These colors look great together, but I would definitely use a matte lighter brown in the crease to balance out the look.  I always mix at least one matte color (typically in the crease as a blending color) when using shimmery shades so there's not too much shimmer.
Here are some swatches.  First one is in neutral light, and the second is in sunlight.  Swatched with a base (MAC Soft Ocher Paint Pot).  
I'm not sure if this collection was limited edition, but I paid about 1200-yen for this.  Does anyone else love Japanese cosmetics?  I wish I was still living there so I could try out all they new collections!

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