Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 2011 Birchbox

So my October Birchbox just arrived 2 days ago, on the 24th.  My credit card had expired last month and I forgot up update my payment info, so my card wasn't charged like it was supposed to.  I had to email customer service twice.  Once to ask if my payment had gone through, and another time to ask if my box was actually shipped.  I got prompt responses each time, although I never got a tracking number or a date when my order was shipped, so I was kind of in the dark until it showed up on my doorstep.
Anyway, I am much more pleased with this months Birchbox!  I got some really good sized samples that I will try out.  Here's what I got:
Orofluido Beauty Elixer (hair first I had no idea what this was)
Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze
Befine Lip Serum
Ahava Rich Cleansing Cream
The Laundress Delicate Wash
I was excited to see a facial cleanser and the primer, which I will definitely try out.  I was surprised to see another lip treatment product since I got one in the last box (except this one is much bigger), but I will probably make use of that as well.  Not sure if I will use the hair treatment, but I might give it to someone else (since this is a fairly good size too).  I'm really happy to see some nice samples in this birchbox, and looking forward to next month :)

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  1. I'm so hesitant to try birchbox since I've seen some not so great months, but the sizes of the samples from this box look pretty generous.