Tuesday, March 6, 2012

February 2012 Birchbox Review

Ok, so I was probably the last person to receive their February Birchbox this month :(
Long story short, for some reason it took me almost 2 1/2 weeks for my Birchbox to arrive!  Their customer service was super nice and assured me that I would get my box by the end of the month, which I did.  But it's just weird that the shipping took so long, because usually I get it within 3-5 days.  Apparently it was sent by boat from CA which is why it took so long.  Anyway, I was a little dissapointed with the samples this month.  The card included in the box didn't even match the actual samples I got.  Anyway here's what was in my box:
colorscience pro Glow and Go Travel Puff (sunkissed bronze)
Eye Rock Designer Eyeliner (4 pairs)
Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint in Bronze (.07oz)
Dermalogica Daily Microexfoliant (.45oz)
Nail file
Digital download: Six songs from Green River Ordinance

I was actually very pleased to see the Dermalogica sample.  It's a powder exfoliant and a very good size, so I think it will last a long time.  I'm pretty excited to try that out.  The Jouer sample which I was really looking forward to was such a big disappointment!  First off the sample is so tiny that you'd probably only get one or two uses out of it.  The color is also in bronze which is too dark for me.  I'm also not too crazy about this stick on eyeliner or the bronzing travel puff, so I'll probably be giving those away. 
Honestly, I hate that Birchbox is such a hit and miss.  Some months they give great samples (that I would actually use) and other months I'm really disappointed.  I think I'll see what the March box has and then decided if I will continue subscribing or not.  Anyone else get a bad one this month too??

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