Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Myglam Glam Bag Review

I received my March Glam Bag yesterday and I'm a little disappointed.  Sorry I didn't do a review last month, but I was busy finding a new job, and I didn't think it was worth writing a review.  Here is what I got this month:
DermStore Care Package: Pur-lisse Pur Protect SPF30 Daily Moisturizer, Murad Eye Life Prefector, Dermstore $25 Gift Card
3LAB Perfect Cleansing Foam
Keracolor Enhancing Leave-in Treatment
Myglam Classic Crease Brush and case

I think the bag this month is pretty ugly, and it looks extremely cheap compared to the past bags, which were very nice.  It's made of a canvas material and the print seems to be fading off a little.  On their facebook page, people were complaining that the bag smelled horrible.  It definitely doesn't smell good, but I don't think it's that bad. 
I am pretty disappointed with the samples this month.  The "care package" from Dermstore was a huge let down.  The samples we got seem like the ones you can get for free when ordering with Sephora.  I was also hoping to get some makeup in this months bag, but it's all skin and hair products.  I think it's a little misleading, especially when on the MyGlam site, the picture shows a bag full of makeup, which  so far I've only gotten 3 makeup samples out of all the bags I've gotten.  They also say you will get full sized or deluxe-sized samples, but I definitely would not consider those "deluxe" samples.  The $25 "gift card" is actually $25 off a $50 or more order, so it's basically like 50% off.  Unfortunately I'm not sure if I will be using the gift card or not.  I'll have to look at the site more, but I think they do offer free shipping on any order, so that's a plus.
I guess the makeup brush can be counted as the makeup item, but unlike the bag, the brush smells terrible (like nail polish or something, very chemically!).  The bristles are soft, but I don't know if I will be using it or not because the smell just really turns me off.  The case it comes in was cute but looks poorly made.  Feels really cheap, and some of the color is already coming off.  Another downside is that you can't put regular sized brushes in the case, only small travel ones.  I read on another blog that MyGlam will be sending other travel sized exclusive brushes in the future, so we'll see.
I was happy to see the 3LAB sample of facial cleanser.  I'm pretty excited to try this out, and it's a very nice size (full size I think) at 3.4oz.  Even though I don't have colored hair, I think I'll give the leave-in treatment a try.
Overall, not impressed with this month at all.  Anyone else get a MyGlam bag this month?  What are your thoughts?  I'm actually very excited for Birchbox this month.  The special Teen Vouge box looks very promising.  I'm still waiting for my box (and I'm fearing a repeat of last months shipping fiasco), so I'll post my review as soon as I get it. 


  1. Great review. Way too many sample box out there now. Don't know which one to go with. Will definitely be back to check your review for Birchbox. IS Teen Vouge box part of Birchbox or are they separate?

    1. no, I don't think they're affiliated. I think just for March they did a special box.