Friday, November 11, 2011

Clarisonic Mia Review and Progress

I have been using my Clairsonic Mia for about 2 weeks now.  I was skeptical before trying this out for the first time, because I have sensitive skin and I was worried it would be a little harsh.  I've been using the delicate brush head instead of the sensitive one it comes with.  I don't notice a huge difference between the texture of the brushes, but I'm sticking with the delicate one because it hasn't irritated my skin yet.
Clairsonic recommends you charge the device for at least 24 hours before the first use. 
I only waited about 18 hours before I used it, but I've only used the charger twice since getting it, so the battery life seems to be pretty good (for once-a-day use).  The first time I used it I was surprised that it didn't cause any irritation.  The vibrating motion takes a while to get used to, especially around your nose.  The vibrating isn't necessarily calming, but it does make me feel better knowing my skin is much cleaner.  After the first use, I noticed my skin was extremely soft and smooth, but didn't notice anything different.  Also, since I did have an active pimple at the time (which you can see in the picture below), it actually popped and started to bleed, so I would try to avoid any active acne or large pimples with this. Since then, I have been using the Clairsonic Mia once a day, at night before I go to sleep.
I was using it together with my Boscia Purifying Cleansing Gel, but have switched to Philosophy Purity Made Simple cleanser which I decided to try after my Boscia cleanser ran out (which I'm really liking btw).  I first wet my face with warm water and apply the cleanser directly to my face (you can apply it to the brush head as well).  I then wet the head with warm water and turn it on.  I start on my right cheek and move clockwise to my chin, left cheek, nose and then my forehead.  I use small, light circular motions, not using too much pressure since the more pressure you use, the more it will aggravate your skin.  After the Mia turns off (about a minutes time), I rinse my the brush head and my face with warm water.
I also cleanse my brush head after every use.  I just use antibacterial hand soap and very hot water to sanitize it, and then turn it on again for a couple of seconds to expel the excess water into a towel.  Then I remove the brush head and dry the inside to keep it clean.  I leave it out to air dry in my bedroom (with the cap off) since the bathroom gets too humid.  I usually replace the cap in the morning when the brush has had time to dry completely.
After using this for two weeks, I can definitely see a big difference in my skin.  I can see a much more even skin tone and less redness in my cheeks.  I haven't had any big breakouts since I've started using the Clairsonic Mia, and I've noticed my nightly moisturizer and other face products do absorb into the skin quicker.  My skin also seems to be a little less oily and I don't have to blot my face as much anymore, and I don't have any more dry patches on my face either.  I haven't noticed any difference in pore size, but I can honestly say this is the clearest I've ever seen my skin in a long time.  I was very skeptical before buying this since I have acne, rosacea and sensitive skin, but this has been a very good investment.  I can actually say I'm very happy with the way my skin is now.  It's not perfect, but it's much clearer than it's ever been before.  I've included pictures below so you can see the progress, but my skin definitely looks better today than it did a couple of weeks ago.  Overall I'm very happy with my Clairsonic Mia and I would highly recommend this!  I got mine at 20% off from (they frequently have 20% off sales) so I would get it from them (plus their shipping was really quick!)
Does anyone else own a Clairsonic Mia?  I'd love to hear other reviews/experiences :)

Clairsonic Mia Day 1
Clairsonic Mia Day 7
Clairsonic Mia Day 14

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