Wednesday, November 23, 2011

L'oreal HIP Duo: Charming Review

I've heard a lot of good things about this eyeshadow duo for a long time.  I've always wanted to pick it up, but they're a little pricey for drugstore quality (almost $8) so I wanted to get it on sale.  I went to Bed Bath and Beyond and found it for $6!  I didn't realize they had cheaper makeup here since I never bothered to look, but they actually have a really good selection!
This duo consists of two colors: a light shimmery taupe and a deeper plum/purple color.  Both shades are shimmery and so have some glitter in them.  Both are very smooth, but they are a little soft so you definitely need to tap off excess shadow from your brush before you apply it.  I love the lighter taupe shade!  It's a really pretty light color, perfect for an overall lid color.  The purple is nice too (I'm a sucker for purple eye shadows), but I think it could be more pigmented.  It took a couple swipes to get the opacity in the swatch below.  The only downside to this product is the fallout.  I can't stand glittery eye shadows and at first glance I couldn't really see any obvious glitter in it.  But after swatching and removing them from my arm, there was a ton of glitter left over.  These colors are pretty, but the fallout is pretty disappointing. 
This really isn't a bad value for what I paid and I'd recommend this product!

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