Saturday, November 19, 2011

Forever 21 Shoes!

Last night we had a much needed date night in Waikiki.  We had a nice dinner at CPK and then went to check out the Forever 21 at the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.  I was actually looking for a specific pair of shoes  I saw online that I wanted to try on before I bought it.  In the shoe section on the second floor there was only one pair left in a size 8, which surprisingly fit nicely, but a little loose.  They were pretty comfortable, and were $24.80 so I snatched them up as we continued to shop.  I was hoping to see another display of these shoes somewhere in the store, but I didn't, so I just ended up buying this pair and another top.
I've never bought shoes from Forever 21 so I was a little skeptical of the quality, but these are actually pretty comfortable.  I've never really been into animal print, but I think they're really cute!


  1. Those are cute, then again I love animal print and surprisingly I like the chunky heel too.

    You were in Waikiki last night too? Haha I was there too browsing the new HK stuff. Ughh the drive there was horrible!