Saturday, May 1, 2010

Small haul and some random stuff

Well this week has been craaaazy busy! Finals are in 2 weeks so it's crunch time and work has been piling up so fast. I have an 8 page paper, translation project and presentation to do this coming week, then 5 exams the next. I can't wait until this semester is done! I discovered I've developed carpal tunnel in my left hand and I've been wearing a brace to help keep it under control. I also registered for classes for next semester:
JPN461- Intro. to Classical Japanese
JPN471- Okinawan Language/Culture 1
JPN407B- Newspapers and Magazines
EALL363B- 20th C Chn Lit & Cul:1919-1949
AMST201- American Exp: Inst & Movements
This isn't final yet and I still have to narrow it down to 4 classes...hopefully I can get away without taking that dreaded 416 class. I thought registration would be the easiest this time, considering this is going to be my last semester, but because of budget cuts and less sections being offered, it was as difficult as ever. Oh well, maybe if I ever decide to go to grad school, things will work out in my favor. Even worse, my 電子辞書 broke on me at the worst possible time! I'm in the middle of my translation project and the screen looks like it cracked in half. It still works, but I can't see anything on the screen so I'm just going to get a new one when I'm back in Japan (3 more weeks!!)
Anyway, school and ranting aside, on to some good news. HB444 (civil unions bill) passed in the house Thursday!! Very surprising, but good news! It's up to the govenor whether she will sign or veto the bill, which is pretty nerve racking because she has until July to do it. I hope, if it does happen, it will soon, or at least before I leave (I know people are going to try to prop-8 this).
I also have a bit of a haul to share. I went to Aeropostale last weekend to use the $10 off coupon I got in my email. I bought a pair of shorts and a white tank which came out to $17 with the discount.

I also traded in my empty bottle of Proactiv on Earth Day at Origins for a free cleanser. I got the full-sized Checks and Balances, but I haven't tried it out yet. I also bought a bottle of BB cream (my first one). I got the Missha Watery BB Cream, which is supposed to be a darker shade than most. I tested this out yesterday and the coverage is pretty sheer, but the color is a nice match for my skin. I might do a review on this later if anyone wants to see it.I'll hopefully update sometime next week after classes end. My dad put in a new light in my room so taking pictures and doing EOTD has been really hard. Anyway, this got pretty long so I'll stop here. Hopefully I'll have another entry up next week :)

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  1. is it really? well yeah... i've been reading some reviews about hawaii on the net and a lot of people who live there are saying it's not "paradise" at all. is it just because of the cost of living? or is there another specific reason?

    and yeah the school i was looking into was university or hawaii! i'm really looking forward to going there if it really happens :)

    andddd np for the blog following~ i got your blog link from soompi, in case you're wondering. ty for following as well :D

    p.s: okinawan language/culture seems interesting!! are you japanese?