Sunday, September 18, 2011

Coastal Scents Go Palette

I recently saw these new palettes from Coastal Scents on the Makeuptalk website.  I've never tried anything from Coastal Scents except some brushes, but I've always been curious about their palettes.  These Go Palettes are supposed to be compact and made for travel.  There are 7 palettes total, each with 12 shadows (mostly shimmery shades from what I can see, but some have matte colors too).  I'm a bit skeptical about the quality and pigmentation of the shadows, but I do like the variety of shades in each palette.  The palettes retail for $8.95 each, or $59.95 for all 7 together.  I'm particularly interested in the London palette.  I like the mix of neutrals and colors, and this palette includes some matte shades as well.
Has anyone tried anything from Costal Scents before?  I think I may get a couple of these palettes to try them out since they are pretty affordable.  I'll definitely post a review when I do.
EDIT: I have ordered the London palette, so expect a review soon!

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  1. I love Coastal Scents! Their brushes and shadows are pretty good quality.