Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coastal Scents London Go Palette Review

So I got my Coastal Scents order faster than I expected!  I placed an order with Coastal Scents for their new Go Palettes last Wednesday and got my order on Monday.  Shipping was super fast, but the funny thing is, I didn't even know my order was shipped.  I was waiting for their shipping confirmation email when it just showed up on my doorstep yesterday.  Is this typical of Coastal Scents?

Other than that, everything came packaged nicely.  The palette was wrapped in bubble wrap and they even included a free glitter sample.  The palette comes in a nice sturdy black plastic case, and seems pretty durable for travel, which is their intended use.
I wasn't sure what to expect in terms of quality since this is my first order with them.  Most of the colors were actually quite nice and smooth, and nicely pigmented.  I found that the matte colors were the ones that lacked pigmentation, and didn't show up well in the swatches. The third column of colors (the plum shades) were the worst when swatched, and the blues and purples showed up the best.  All the shades were pretty smooth, although some were a bit powdery when applied.  I was quite surprised the matte black shadow was so pigmented. 
 Overall I'm pretty happy with this palette.  A majority of the shadows were pigmented and smooth.  The shimmery shades were nice, but the matte ones could definitely use some work.  Definitely not a bad value for just $8.95.  Anyone tried any of the other Go Palettes?  I'm interested to see some other reviews. 

EDIT: So I wore these to work last night and I must say, you definitely need a good base with these.  I used TooFaced Shadow Insurance and MAC Soft Ocher paint pot, but there was noticeable fading by the end of the night.  I used all three purple shades which went on pigmented and smooth, but there was a lot of fallout because they were so powdery :(

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