Friday, September 9, 2011

Twist & Pout Review

I first heard about this product from glamourista16's Youtube channel.  She did a review and giveaway and I was immediately intrigued.  So when these went on sale on Hautelook a couple months back I jumped at the chance to buy them.  Being on Hautelook, they were really cheap so I got 4 total.
Twist & Pout is a lip balm and accessory in one.  On they retail for anywhere from $9-$20 each, but I got 2 Safari Lip Presence for $16 and 2 regular clip on ones (Just Say Zen pictures above and another in Red Haute and Bloom) for $12.  They all come with clips so you can easily take them on-the-go.  Part of what attracted me to this product was the packaging, which is so cute!  I was a little skeptical about the lip balm part of it because I don't particularly like lip balms with scents.  On their website it's described as a light citrus flavor.  It also has SPF 20 which is nice too.  Overall, I'm alright with the lip balm portion but unfortunately, the packaging could definitely use some work. 
The ring that holds the two sides of the ball is actually detachable, which is good for those who might not want to use the clip, but since I keep it attached to my purse, it's a pain to open and close all the time.  When I open it, I have to hold the ring in place while I apply the lip balm.  Also, I have to make sure to open it the right way (with the Twist & Pout lettering right side up), which is hard to do if I'm in a rush.  If the ring comes out of place I find it hard to screw the cap back on.  Despite being plastic, the packaging is quite sturdy and I have not had any problems with it being on my purse 24/7.  I have yet to try the Lip Presence and I believe this one flips open instead of a screw top.  The packaging on these is much heavier than I expected, probably about twice as heavy as the regular clip-on ones.  But I think its much nicer and more classy than the ball packaging.
The product is quite nice, very smooth and creamy.  It glides on the lips very nicely and leaves a nice glossy sheen.  The scent doesn't bother me as much as I though it would.  It's a very sweet honey-citrus scent and doesn't smell too artificial.  The taste is like it smells: very sweet and I'm not particularly fond of the taste.  The formula is not waxy like Carmex so it doesn't last as long and I have to reapply it more often.
Overall, I'm happy I got to try these at a discounted price on Hautelook.  I don't know if I would pay regular price for these, maybe if they did something about the packaging.  I think these would make nice stocking stuffers around Christmas, and I do plan to give a few away as gifts.  They have a wide variety of designs and styles, and I will probably purchase these again when they go on sale.  Has anyone else tried these?  Let me know what you think!

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